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New "Galleria" Opened in Tambov
25.05.2011  OnlineTambov.ru

The opening of a new "Galleria" store took place in Tambov, Russia on May 19, 2011. It is a retail, entertainment and hotel chain of the premium class. The new comlex is located in Carl Marx Street in the central business zone. The conception of the "Galleria" envisages restaurants, cafes, business centers, hotels and playgrounds for children.

The Governor of Tambov Region, Oleg Betin, alongside with investor representatives, regional and city dignitaries took part in the welcome ceremony. After the red ribbon was cut, the guests had the opportunity to explore the new complex. The building has been equipped with spacious rooms ranging from economy to luxury, with open layout office space, express elevators and escalators, conference halls, cafes and restaurants.

"It took not only professionalism but also courage from the city architects and managers to set about the construction," confessed the Governor Oleg Betin. "It took a lot of painstaking work, there was much criticism. And already today we have opened this complex. What we see here is convenient, comfortable and is made with taste. I figure it is a good gift for the residents of Tambov and the region."

According to Sergei Kryuchek, president of Wholesale and Retail Markets Association, the "Galleria" has all the up-to-date features. "Currently, the costs of the entire complex including provision of urban amenities, parking lots and equipment make up to about RUB 800 millions," noted Mr. Kryuchek." "These figures allow to evaluate the payback period for the complex, which doesn't exceed 6 years."

It is noteworthy that similar objects are already under operation in Stavropol, Nalchik, Kislovodsk, Krasnodar and Pyatigorsk.