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AORR Enlisted in Working Group to Found Federal Food Chain
05.03.2014  АОРР

The Wholesale and Retail Markets Association (AORR) was included by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia in an interagency working group constituted for setting up of a perishable food distribution company of national importance. The concept of this federal entity entitled ROSPRODSET was designed in collaboration with Mercasa (Spain).

According to discussions carried out in a series of last year's public events, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia regards the creation of food distribution hubs across the country as a major task aimed at improving Russia's agri-food infrastructure and logistics.

The project may require an in-depth examination of food distribution models successfully implemented in a number of European countries. AORR had already started learning Western experience of managing wholesale food markets quite a while ago. As a member of the World Union of Wholesale Markets, the association takes the opportunity to get international exposure for its member-markets, however, its main end is studying best practices.

The agreement signed in 2013 with the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia will allow AORR to adjust its members' activities in close compliance with the government's strategy. The ministry also approved AORR's initiatives in the sphere of international cooperation and congressional networking, which were earlier supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Russia and the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow.


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